Residential Services

Sublime Electric

Dining room chandelier replacement

Service Calls

Sublime Electric stands ready to help you during your emergencies.  We will do same day service for hazardous electrical repairs.  For other service calls, we are able to get to most service calls within a 48 hour window.  Sublime Electric serves the greater Boise area, including Ada and Canyon County, but also do work in Gem, Elmore and Valley Counties.

After Hours Calls

I answer the phone from 7:30 a.m. to approximately 10:00 p.m. seven days a week and on weekends.  If a message is left overnight I will call back in the morning and I will get a technician out same day if it is hazardous/dangerous



We offer free estimates on various projects including additions, remodels, new construction, tenant improvements, etc….  We do not give free estimates for service calls and repairs.  If you contact us for a “project”, and it is actually just a service call, the cost will be our hourly rate + materials.

New Construction

Please email us a set of plans and we can do our estimates off those.

We do offer electrical inspections for homes that are trying to become state certified.  The cost is $75.00.

We do offer electrical inspections on homes where the power has been off for over a year, we charge $65.00 per hour plus the cost of the permit (permit is required if the power has been off for over a year)

Estimate Process

I will schedule an appointment to have one of my estimators meet with you, get the scope of work you would like done, he will then come back to the office, get pricing and man hours for the job and we will email you an estimate the same day if pricing is available.  If we have to wait on pricing, we will email you as soon as we acquire those prices