5 Ways Springtime Electrical Maintenance Saves You Money

An electrician is replacing a wall switch. A DIY project concept. High voltage danger. The professional wearing shock proof gloves is tightening wirenuts

Electricity affects nearly every activity you do in your Boise, ID home. It’s next to impossible to work from home, cook, clean, or engage in your favorite leisure activities without electricity. The best way to ensure that your house’s electrical system is working properly is to schedule springtime electrical maintenance with our licensed electricians. Let’s […]

What to Do During a Blackout in Boise, ID

A transformer being struck by lightening.

Power outages often occur during and after storms. The storms that sweep through Boise, ID in the spring and summer can knock down utility poles and leave you without power for hours or even days. While you might feel tempted to find a hotel with power, this isn’t always possible. That is why it’s important […]