Surge Protection In Boise, ID

When the electrical service in your Greater Boise home is functioning, most homeowners give little thought to that power and what can impact it. But storms and other issues in the power grid can create power spikes and surges, just like they create power outages. So we recommend that our customers are prepared for these events with Boise, ID surge protection to prevent costly damage or destruction to the expensive electronics and electrical devices in their homes. And even more critical, some surges can even result in an electrical fire.

The solution to this added concern is a call to the licensed electricians at Sublime Electric at (208) 609-9266 for a free estimate for surge protection installation in Boise, ID. This device that we install is far more than those tiny adapters that you plug into an outlet. Whole-home surge protection will protect the very costly items in your house like your air conditioners, appliances, and the pumps for your swimming pool and spa.

What Is A Power Surge?

A power surge is a sudden and often very short increase in the voltage of power on a line. In the case of your home, the boost jumps substantially higher than the 120 volts that are safe for all of your appliances, electronics, and other items plugged into your outlets.

What Causes A Power Surge?

Most significant power surges are the result of something that is considered to be catastrophic, including:

When your home and everything that is plugged into outlets and hard-wired to the electrical system sustains a power surge, the wiring inside the devices is likely to begin to burn. In the case of items with microchips like computers, tablets, and phones, the device is often destroyed.

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Tom Young
Tom Young
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Sublime Electric came and installed 2 new plugs in my garage, 1 for my RV (30 Amp) and 1 for my garage fridge, no more looping the extension cord around the garage! The installation was professionally done, excellent equipment and it looks like it has always been there. There isn't even a spec of dust or drywall anywhere, it was all cleaned up perfectly, I am super happy with the service!

What Is Surge Protection?

If you picture a long plastic strip with several outlets and a heavy-duty cord, you are not the only one. However, that is just a very simplified version of surge protection that diverts a small amount of excess power to a metal oxide varistor inside the power strip. Whole-home surge protection works using the same principle but on a much larger scale. These units are designed to handle exponentially more electricity than a power strip surge protector. And to handle surges multiple times without damage or destruction. The most significant benefit to homeowners is that these devices protect all of the electronics, appliances, and wiring in the entire house.

The Two Choices For Whole Home Surge Protection

Whole-home surge protection devices are broken into two categories. The Type 1 devices are located where the electrical supply enters your home at the main breaker. These line-side protective devices offer the most thorough protection for your household devices and electrical wiring because they ensure that no power can enter the house without passing through the safety device. The Type 1 protection also guards against internal surges that a large appliance or electric motor could create.

Type 2 surge protection is installed in the main electrical panel of your home and is referred to as load center protection for a circuit or sub-panel. While both devices provide the same service, the critical difference is the location of the device. Type 1 starts the protection outside your house, while Type 2 does not begin the protection until the power surge has entered the house.

Why Choose The Sublime Electric Professionals?

If you are like most homeowners, you skim over information about electrical service and services and have a general idea of what they are and how they work. But when you are purchasing something as essential as surge protection for your home, you need to have an expert that you can rely on for guidance. At Sublime Electric, our licensed electricians have years of training and experience working with electricity and electrical safety devices like whole-home surge protection.

They have taken the classes, passed the tests, and earned their licenses to let you know that they are experts in their field. And that makes them the only people you should trust when it comes to protecting the appliances, electronics, all the devices plugged into outlets in your home, and your home’s electrical wiring. Our staff is experts at surge protection repair in Boise, ID and Boise, ID surge protection installation. A member of our team will visit your home, answer your questions, and provide you with a free price quote for complete surge protection for your house.

In addition, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that our company completely warranties the installation process and the surge protector. So if you ever have a  concern, just call (208) 609-9266 for immediate assistance from the Sublime Electric staff.