EV Chargers In Boise, ID

Homeowners in the Greater Boise area interested in going green are excited to learn about all their options for electric vehicles. The choices range from subcompacts to SUVs, but the one thing all these vehicles have in common is a need for charging. And savvy EV owners are learning that a Boise, ID electric vehicle charger installation at their home is an essential part of getting the most from their no emission vehicle.

While there are several options for an EV charger installation in Boise, ID, the one constant is that you will need the help of a reliable and cost-effective professional electrician. And the only name you need to know is Sublime Electric. Our team of licensed electricians is here five days a week to assist you with any installation, repair, or electrical service you might need. And in the case of an electrical emergency, call (208) 609-9266, and we will respond 24/7 to assist you and eliminate any stress or fear created by an electrical problem at your home.

Why Consider An EV Charger For Your Boise, ID Home

At Sublime Electric, we applaud every community member embracing the energy efficiency and environmental benefits of driving an electric vehicle. And we are here to help you get the most benefit out of your investment in an EV and dedication to protecting our planet. While public charging stations are becoming more and more popular in the Greater Boise area, it is still less complicated to have a reliable charging option at your home. Some of the most important benefits of a professionally installed home charging station include:

When you are ready for your home's EV charger installation in Boise, ID, call Sublime Electric today! 208.609.9266

Understanding Boise, ID Electric Vehicle Charger Installations And Options

Most EV owners have a few options for charging stations in their homes. However, it is essential to understand each charger option and the installation process each requires to make a well-informed and cost-effective choice. The Sublime Electric licensed professionals have hands-on experience and expertise installing all three of the following electric vehicle charger:

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Tom Young
Tom Young
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Sublime Electric came and installed 2 new plugs in my garage, 1 for my RV (30 Amp) and 1 for my garage fridge, no more looping the extension cord around the garage! The installation was professionally done, excellent equipment and it looks like it has always been there. There isn't even a spec of dust or drywall anywhere, it was all cleaned up perfectly, I am super happy with the service!

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Care And Maintenance

Once the pros at Sublime Electric complete your electrical vehicle charger installation in Boise, ID, little care or service is required. As with your entire electrical system, we recommend an annual inspection to ensure that the charger is functioning correctly and that there is no potential to damage the costly batteries in your EV.

In addition, our team is here 24/7 for any emergency you might encounter with your EV charging station. Anything from failure to charge your vehicle to an odd sound or feeling of heat coming from the unit is an indication that you need to call (208) 609-9266 for an emergency inspection. Just like all electrical devices in your home, there is no reason to ever risk the safety of your loved ones or home because of a malfunctioning electrical device.

The Cost Of EV Charging Stations

Like most electronic devices, electric vehicle charging stations are available with various options, features, and prices. Ideally, you will narrow your search to the ones recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Then select the unit that best meets your needs, from charging time and electrical supply requirements to Smart features that integrate with your phone.

To learn more about EV charger installation in Boise, ID or request a free, no-obligation price quote from Sublime Electric professionals whom the BBB accredited, call (208) 609-9266.