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Located on the western edge of Valley County in Idaho, McCall is a destination for outdoor adventure enthusiasts and those who love winter activities. The extended winter season in this region, combined with typically the most snowfall in the state, make McCall the ideal location for the perfect Winter Carnival and outdoor-focused vacations for skiing, snowboarding, and taking in all the unequaled beauty of the area while blanketed in pristine snow. But after a day of enjoying all this winter wonderland offers, residents want to return home to a warm and cozy home.

However, an electrical issue can leave an unheated McCall home feeling more like an ice castle than an inviting oasis. So when electrical problems arise, the folks in this community turn to Sublime Electric, known as the McCall electrician to trust for great pricing, reliability, and emergency service when you need it the most. Our team of licensed electricians is ready to assist you with any repair, service, new installation, or maintenance required to keep your McCall home fully functional and safe throughout the year. Call (208)609-9266 to request an appointment with one of our experts for any of our services, including:

Expert Lighting Services

As a full-service McCall electrician, Sublime Electric offers all the lighting services you need, including new installation or retrofitting to more energy-efficient LED lighting or a repair when your home’s lighting is unreliable or appears unsafe. In addition, as a licensed McCall electrician, our company will inspect outlets, wiring, and other components when you have a lighting issue to ensure the complete safety of your loved ones and home.
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Going Green With Professional EV Charger Installation

An electric car is the perfect way to save on the high cost of gas and reduce harmful emissions to protect our gorgeous natural environment in McCall. However, having a reliable EV charger at your home is vital to ensure that your vehicle is ready whenever you need it. The pros at Sublime Electric are the trustworthy McCall electricians you can turn to for great pricing and a fast EV charger installation for your home and new EV.

Complete Generator Services

While residents love the natural beauty and activities in McCall, thanks to the hard work of Mother Nature, we also know that, at times, the snow and other challenging weather conditions can leave homes without power for an extended period of time. Fortunately, the expert McCall electricians at Sublime Electric are ready to assist you 24/7 with an emergency generator repair to restore power to your home. In addition, our pros offer free estimates for a new generator installation to eliminate your stress the next time the power is off.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

As our lifestyle and needs evolve, our home’s electrical service should also be upgraded from time to time to ensure the house’s safety. Compared to just a decade ago, many more high-demand electrical devices exist in every home, from big-screen televisions to computers and AC systems. The Sublime Electric team is the McCall electrician to choose for an electrical panel upgrade to ensure the safety of your loved ones, home, and costly electrical devices.

Superior Surge Protection

It only takes a fraction of a second for an internal or external electrical surge to damage or destroy thousands of dollars worth of electronics and appliances. From lightning to heavy snow downing power lines, the hazard can occur throughout the year in McCall. And the only way to eliminate your worry and these potentially costly issues is with professionally installed surge protection from Sublime Electric. Any McCall electrician will tell you that whole-home surge protection is the best insurance you can buy to protect your home and its contents from the hazards of an electrical surge.

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Tom Young
Tom Young
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Sublime Electric came and installed 2 new plugs in my garage, 1 for my RV (30 Amp) and 1 for my garage fridge, no more looping the extension cord around the garage! The installation was professionally done, excellent equipment and it looks like it has always been there. There isn't even a spec of dust or drywall anywhere, it was all cleaned up perfectly, I am super happy with the service!