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In 2007, Sublime Electric joined the community as a Nampa, ID electrical contractor. Since our arrival, we have worked with thousands of community members who needed quality electrical repairs, installations, or maintenance. Soon, word of our great pricing, hardworking Nampa, ID electricians, and reliability spread throughout the community. We have even become BBB accredited to assure new community members that we are the company that provides the best electrical work and customer service in the Greater Boise Region.

Our licensed electricians are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm to assist you with everything from adding outlets to installing the electrical service in your new home or addition to your house. And if you discover an electrical emergency like a smoking outlet or your electrical panel is crackling, call (208) 609-9266 for 24/7 emergency service. Our team is here to take the worry and fear out of any electrical concern you might have in your house.

Call the Sublime Electric crew when you need a licensed and experienced electrician in Nampa, ID to handle any job, large or small. Some of our most popular services include:

Ready for new lights?

It can be very challenging to upgrade the lighting in an older home. There are very few outlets in each room, and you might have no idea how the circuits are routed. However, when you call the Sublime Electric pros at (208) 609-9266, all those concerns disappear. Our experts will help you determine your lighting needs and address any issues such as extending electrical wiring, adding a new circuit, or repairing wiring issues we locate during the installation process. When the project is completed, you will have the lighting you want and the safety you need.

Contact our licensed electricians in Nampa, ID today to schedule service for your home's electrical system! 208.609.9266

EV Charging Installation

Having the ability to charge your electric vehicle at home eliminates the stress of scheduling time at a public charger or making a special trip to charge your car. But it is vital to select the correct charger for your needs and your vehicle. Our EV charging experts will help you decide which charger will best meet your needs and provide a free cost estimate for a professional installation, including any added electrical wiring or outlets needed for the project.

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Tom Young
Tom Young
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Sublime Electric came and installed 2 new plugs in my garage, 1 for my RV (30 Amp) and 1 for my garage fridge, no more looping the extension cord around the garage! The installation was professionally done, excellent equipment and it looks like it has always been there. There isn't even a spec of dust or drywall anywhere, it was all cleaned up perfectly, I am super happy with the service!

Professional and Reliable Panel Services

Your home’s electrical panel is the central hub of the entire electrical system. It distributes power throughout the house and safeguards against excessive power damaging your electrical wiring or causing an electrical fire. When you discover an issue with that essential panel, it can be a scary event. However, with just a single call to (208) 609-9266, you know that a reliable licensed electrician from Sublime Electric will arrive quickly to evaluate the issue and provide you with cost-effective and safe resolutions to any electrical panel problem. We are here for you 24/7, and all of our work is covered by a comprehensive warranty for added peace of mind.

Is your home protected?

Protecting your home from power surges is essential for your safety, and the safety of everything plugged into the outlets inside your house. In less than a second, a storm, downed power line, or other issues in the grid can exponentially increase the electricity flowing through the wiring of your home. And the result can be as catastrophic as an electrical fire or the destruction of all your appliances and electronics. To avoid this costly and even life-threatening event, call (208) 609-9266. The experts at Sublime Electric will evaluate your home’s electrical system and provide you with options for whole-home surge protection. Think of it as a one-time premium for the best insurance policy you can buy to protect your home and all of your belongings.

Electrical Generators

Most of us don’t even think about the electrical appliances and devices we use each day. You just turn them on and enjoy their service. But on the day your power goes out, you quickly discover that your household really can’t function without electrical service. And the thought of surviving for a few days without power sounds excruciating.

The easy way to prevent that nightmare is with a professionally installed generator from Sublime Electric. Our professional electrician will visit your home to evaluate your needs and budget for this life-saving piece of equipment. Then we offer you several options and prices to ensure that you purchase the perfect backup generator for your home. Then, next time the power goes out in your community, your backup generator will automatically step in to provide all the power your home needs for the HVAC system, cooking, water pumps, and all your other necessities of life.

When you need the services of a licensed electrician in Nampa, ID, call (208) 609-9266. Our team of experts delivers the best solutions to all your electrical problems at affordable prices. And our work always starts with a free price quote and a full warranty to ensure you are getting the most for your hard-earned dollars.