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7 Surge Protection Tips That Can Save You Money

Power strip technology evolves slower than other electronics around us, but there are advancements to consider. Advanced power strips have surge protection for your home and appliances. Upgrading to the newer models has higher costs but can save you money in the long run.

1. Energy Filtration

Surge protectors filter your electronics’ energy use by regulating and minimizing energy waste during use. As your devices use a more stable flow of electricity, you’ll save money on your energy bill over time. Some models even have a standby mode that cuts the power to devices to prevent energy waste.

2. Energy Consumption Reduction

Vampire power is when devices draw power even when off and is around 10% of residential energy consumption. Automatically cutting the power to your devices can save you money on your monthly bills and prolong the lifespan of your appliances. Electronics can get severe damage during an energy surge, which costs you money to repair or replace them.

3. Energy-Saving Features

Surge protectors can save you on the energy your devices use daily. An advanced power strip can control the power consumption of devices with Smart Power Management. The power monitoring and conditioning tracks how much energy your home uses and keeps the voltage steady.

4. Energy Optimization

The technology of surge protectors can optimize your energy, which saves you money and lowers your carbon footprint. Protecting your home from energy surges can identify energy vampire devices and adjust the usage to save on your monthly utility bills. You can also save money in the long run by not replacing electronics as often.

5. Protect Devices

Voltage spikes can destroy or severely damage your devices, which is what surge protectors prevent. On top of saving money on utility bills and electronic replacements, you are reducing the risk of electrical fires. The multiple outlets on a single surge protector also allow you to protect multiple devices at once.

6. Reduce Active Energy Waste

Some surge protection models have sensors to detect motion, which helps reduce energy waste. You’ve probably fallen asleep with the TV on or forgot to shut off a video game console. The Infrared remote sensors in surge protectors check for no motion for a set time and shut off supporting devices to save on your energy bill.

7. Lifetime Warranties

Surge protection protects your appliances and electronics from power surges, which can extend their lifespans. You can also save money on replacing power strips if something happens. Many new advanced power strips have lifetime warranties to remove the stress of replacing them.

Surge protection of your home is more expensive than other power strips but saves you money over time. Surge protectors can extend the life of your devices and regulate their energy usage. If you have questions about surge protection in Boise, ID, call us at Sublime Electric for a free estimate today.

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