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4 Electrical Mistakes That Will Ruin Appliances

Most of your appliances run off of your home’s electricity. You probably assume that your electrical appliances will run properly until it’s too late. Many times, the appliance issue occurred due to user error. Learn the top four electrical mistakes that will ruin appliances before you have to call for electrical services in Boise, ID.

1. Putting Too Much Power on One Outlet

Each outlet can only support so much energy. You can plug low-energy items into your outlets safely, but you can find yourself in a dangerous situation if you plug an appliance that requires a lot of energy (such as a 240v water heater) into an outlet that only supports basic power requirements (120v). You may also run into a problem if you plug numerous items into a power strip without considering the total amount of power going to the outlet. When you send too much power to an outlet, it will create a surge. While not always dangerous, it’s best to avoid electrical fires in the City of Trees.

2. Improper Grounding

All modern outlets are grounded. What this means is that if there is an excess amount of energy, instead of the electrical current returning to the appliance (and possibly you), it goes into the ground where it can’t damage anyone or anything. Old outlets may not have proper grounding. You can tell because grounded outlets have three holes instead of two holes. You may also experience a bad ground over time, which may require repair.

3. Placing Appliances Near Water

Boise gets heavy rains during spring time, and we all know that water and electricity don’t mix. When water comes into contact with your electrical appliance wiring, it can completely damage the wiring to the point the appliance’s internal wiring also becomes damaged. If you touch the wire, you can even find yourself at risk of electrocution. Ideally, keep appliances in your basement above ground level in case of a flood. You should also be thoughtful about where you place items in your bathroom and kitchen.

4. Neglecting Electrical Maintenance

Your electrical system requires regular electrical maintenance just like any other part of your home, especially if it’s older. It’s not safe for homeowners to perform maintenance on their electrical system themselves. Electricians go through specific training to ensure the best results and proper safety.

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