Residential house natural gas backup generator. Choosing a location for house standby generator.

Choose the Right Generator for Your Family and Living Space

Because of natural and man-made disasters, it’s impossible to predict what will happen next. That’s why the likelihood of a power outage is high. Installing a whole-home standby generator can help you maintain control over your home’s electrical system. However, all generators won’t serve your specific purpose during a blackout. To determine which generator is best for your home, you must consider the following factors.

Understand Your Choices in Boise

The first factor to consider is the type of fuel you want to use. You can choose between natural gas, liquid propane, and diesel.

You won’t need an expensive fuel tank to run a natural gas generator. We can connect it to an existing gas line. The benefit of this is that you’ll have one less component to install, and you can continuously run the generator without refueling it. Unfortunately, your generator won’t keep functioning as it should if there’s a disruption in the natural gas supply.

To run your generator on propane, you’ll need a propane tank. Propane is a wonderful alternative if you don’t want to rely on your city’s natural gas supply. An emission-compliant propane generator will perform reliably. To ensure your safety, just make sure you remember that the propane storage tank is pressurized and flammable. Also, a larger propane tank will allow your generator to run longer.

Take Into Account Your Home’s Electrical Requirements

What size should your whole-home generator be? The more appliances you need to run during an outage, the bigger your generator will need to be. Ideally, you should select a unit that has 20% more wattage than what’s currently required. You’ll need that extra power when you want to use additional electronic devices during a blackout.

On average, an American house will require approximately 25-40 kilowatts. If you want to have enough electricity for everything in your Boise home, you should invest in a generator that offers at least 30 kilowatts.

Choose a Transfer Switch for Your Boise Generator

Once you have chosen the generator you want to use, you need to select a transfer switch for your home’s control panel. When it detects a power outage, it will automatically start the generator. The electrical load will shift to the standby unit like clockwork, and your electrical devices will receive the electricity they need to run properly.

You’ll quickly see that a whole-home standby generator is convenient, reliable, and worth your money. Call Sublime Electric today to get an estimate for a new generator in Boise.

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