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Why You Need to Upgrade the Electrical System in an Older Home

Boise, ID contains a large assortment of older homes. The north end of the city contains some of its oldest homes. Among these are 1950s-style bungalows and Queen Anne cottages. The east end of Boise sports an assortment of Stick-styled homes and Foursquare and Craftsman bungalows. Cape Cod and Colonial homes are also sprinkled throughout the city. Though older homes are charming, those who purchase them need to make sure they prepare their electrical systems to support modern appliances.

Why It Matters

The average household today uses an average of 10 appliances. In addition to appliance usage, people power multimedia devices, computers, cell phones televisions, lamps, and other electronics. The electrical systems in older homes are not designed to support modern electrical usage since people years ago did not use so many appliances and electronics. If they’re not upgraded, they can quickly become overloaded, leading to house fires.

Necessary Upgrades

One upgrade that will need to be made is to the electrical panel, especially if it uses fuses rather than breakers. A contemporary electrical panel contains circuits that run at higher amperages to accommodate today’s appliances and electronics.

Also, more outlets will be installed in each room to facilitate modern living. Some homeowners think they can save a few extra dollars by using multi-plug outlet adapters, power strips, or extension cords to provide enough plugs for their appliances and electronics. However, this is a grave mistake because they end up overloading the wall outlets and contending with electrical fires.

The house’s wiring will need an upgrade, especially if the current wiring in the home is knob and tube style. Even aluminum wiring must be upgraded, as this type is at risk of deterioration that can cause shorting that leads to fires.

Finally, two-pronged outlets in the home will need to be replaced. These outlets are not grounded, which means there is a higher risk of electrical shock and power surges destroying appliances and sensitive electronics.

Have the Home Inspected

If you live in an older house in Boise, you must have its electrical system inspected to determine if it can support today’s modern appliances and electronics. A licensed electrician must perform this inspection. During the inspection, he or she will advise you if any upgrades are needed and will work with you to get them done.

If you live in an older home in Greater Boise and want to make sure its electrical system can support the demands of modern living, contact us at Sublime Electric. Our highly trained electricians will perform the necessary upgrades to your home’s electrical system to ensure that you can power all your appliances and devices safely.

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