The charger of the mobile phone caught fire in the socket. Fire safety concept when using charger and wires.

Why You Need Whole-home Surge Protection

Did you know that your household power strips usually offer only low-level surge protection? This means that they aren’t effective when a high surge occurs. Whole-house surge protectors effectively manage both kinds of surges. That’s what makes them the preferred method for protecting modern homes and their contents from damage.

Two Types of Whole-home Surge Protection Devices

There are generally two main categories of whole-home surge protection devices available today. A type 1 device is located at the main breaker where power enters your home. This line-side protective device offers you more thorough protection for your wiring and household devices. This is due to the fact that it ensures that no power enters your home without first passing through it. This type of device can also guard against any internal surges caused by electric motors or large appliances.

Type 2 surge protection devices are installed in your main electrical panel. They’re called “load center protection” for circuits or sub-panels. Both device types deliver the same service. However, type 1 starts your protection outside and type 2 doesn’t start protecting until a power surge has already entered.

The Many Benefits of Whole-home Surge Protection

Today’s modern appliances and electronic devices are much more sensitive than they used to be. Any electronic device that you plug into an unprotected power outlet is susceptible to severe damage. Here are a few of the many benefits of whole-home surge protection:

  • Preventing appliance and device damage
  • Preventing electrical fires
  • Protecting all of your high-tech gadgets
  • Protecting against short/transient surges
  • Suiting all of your home power needs

Enjoying the Scenery in Idaho

Living in beautiful scenic Boise is truly wonderful, but the summers can get pretty hot. With everyone running their air conditioner, the power grid can be challenged, leading to brownouts and surges. A typical air conditioner consists of numerous electrical components, including blowers, compressors, control systems, fans, and thermostats. Having a whole-home surge protector will shield that equipment from an external power surge. A simple plug-in surge protector can’t do that.

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