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Ohm Sweet Ohm: Why Regular Electrical Maintenance Is a Bright Idea

Many people think of electricians as an emergency service that they don’t need until something goes wrong. But just like changing your car’s fluids and filters or exercising your muscular system, your electrical system needs regular, careful maintenance to keep it running at peak performance.

Keep Your Home Safe

As a free-flowing highway for charged particles of potential energy, your electrical system is one of the more dangerous departments of your home. Keeping it in tiptop shape can help you prevent accidents, fires, or even just dead wires.

The heat from all the flowing electricity in your wires can slowly melt through their protective sheaths, eventually exposing the bare metal in problematic nooks and crannies you might not even know about. If two of these bare wires ever touch, it could cause a short in your system or ignite an electrical fire somewhere within your home’s walls.

This usually won’t happen without some warning signs, but not everyone notices these. If your breaker switches seem to trip often without a good reason, your wall sockets begin to stain brown, your lights often flicker, or you sometimes feel small electric shocks when you touch a connected appliance, your electrical problem is starting to get serious. If you don’t see any warnings signs, you may only need a quick preventative checkup.

Tackle Small Problems Before They Grow Big

Because most of your electrical system’s components are hidden away, it can be hard to keep an eye out for developing problems. If you schedule regular maintenance visits, your electrician can alert you to budding issues before they take root and cause havoc.

An experienced electrician knows where to look for these kinds of problems and how to spot them while they’re still small. They can trace symptoms back to causes and offer simple, affordable solutions to nip issues in the bud before they grow into expensive monsters.

Lower Your Energy Costs

Besides causing dangerous and hidden problems, a lack of regular electrical maintenance can be a source of energy inefficiency, leading to a higher energy bill. If even minor components of your electrical system are faulty or outdated, they can leak wasted energy into the ether, and you’ll be the one paying for it.

Your energy bill might be slowly rising over time thanks to small, cumulative inefficiencies. A good electrician will be able to spot these energy drains and give you ideas to get your energy costs back into a reasonable range.

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