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Indoor Lighting Trends for Every Room This Summer

Indoor lighting is the most important part of a room’s overall aesthetic. This summer, it’s time to upgrade your lights and create an intimate and inviting atmosphere. From modern chandeliers to eclectic pendant lights, here are some of the hottest indoor lighting trends to try out this summer.

Eclectic Pendant Lights

Eclectic pendant lights are the perfect way to add a touch of personality and character to any room. Choose from bright colors and bold geometric shapes for a modern take on an old favorite style.

These lights look best when installed in a cluster of two or three pendant lights to create an interesting lighting effect. Hang them above your kitchen island or dining table for a warm, inviting look. Or, hang them in the living room or bedroom for a splash of color and personality.

Eclectic pendant lights are also great for entryways. Hang a collection of pendants near the door to create a warm, inviting atmosphere as soon as guests enter your home.

Modern Chandeliers

If you want something more sophisticated, try a modern chandelier. Look for fixtures with clean lines and minimal details that will draw the eye without overpowering a room. A modern chandelier is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms alike.

Hang it in the center of the room or above a focal point, like the fireplace. To get the most out of your chandelier, pair it with dimmable bulbs so that you can control the intensity of light.

Vintage-Style Wall Sconces

Vintage-style wall sconces are an elegant way to bring light into a room. Choose from a variety of styles from rustic candle holders to Moroccan-inspired lanterns. Wall sconces look great when they’re clustered together in groups of two or three and hung at different heights for a unique lighting effect.

The best spot for wall sconces is a hallway or the entryway. Hang them above a console table or along the walls of a long corridor to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Floor Lamps

If you’re looking for a versatile lighting option, consider floor lamps. Floor lamps are great for a variety of rooms from a bedroom to the living room. Look for lamps with sleek lines and modern details that fit in with your existing decor.

Floor lamps can be used to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in any room. Place one near the bed or sofa for a warm and inviting light that won’t overpower the space.

No matter which indoor lighting trends you try this summer, find the perfect balance of style and functionality. You should work with a professional to ensure your lighting options are safe and up to code. A professional company like Sublime Electric in Boise, ID can help you with all of your indoor lighting needs, so contact us today.

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