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Tips for Using Your Generator in the Fall

A generator is a useful investment because it protects your household and your property during a power outage. Intruders and vandals are more likely to strike during power outages because homes will be dark, and some security systems will not work. Not to mention, power outages can be dangerous for those who are medically fragile because medical equipment will not run, and homes won’t be climate-controlled. If you have a generator and need to use it this fall, here are tips that experts recommend you follow.

Have Your Generator Inspected Before the Weather Gets Cold

Before you use your generator, have it inspected before the weather gets cold. With winter comes storms that can cause power outages, so you want to make sure your generator will be in optimal condition to brave the elements. If electricians find any problems while inspecting your generator, they will inform you and help you make the necessary repairs.

Make Sure Obstructions Do Not Develop in Your End Louvers and Rear Vent

The fall season brings with it lots of falling leaves. These leaves can cause obstructions in your end louvers and rear vent in your generator. If obstructions develop, air cannot flow freely, and this can cause the generator engine to overheat. Overheating can lead to fires, which can be dangerous because it can destroy property or result in the loss of life.

Maintain Proper Oil Levels

Each time you use your generator, you need to check your oil levels. Every manufacturer has different requirements for how often to check and fill the oil, so check your manual to see how often you must do this. Keep extra oil on hand should you need to top off the oil in the tank. Electricians recommend that you always have at least one quart of oil on standby.

Check and Change Your Engine-Starting Battery If Needed

If it has been two years since you changed your engine-starting battery, you will need to change it this fall. Professional electricians recommend that you change these batteries every two to three years to ensure the dependability of your generator. Engine-starting batteries are constantly charged, so they can start your generator engine whenever you need. When batteries are constantly charged, this will shorten their lifespan.

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