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Use a Fall Electrical Checklist to Prepare for Winter

Winter is a magical time of year. The holidays are approaching and, in Boise, snow will be falling and turning the area into a winter wonderland. However, along with the fun and the beauty comes cold weather. So, you want your home to be ready so that your family can look forward to being comfy and cozy. This means preparing for winter with a thorough fall electrical checkup.

Your Checklist for Electrical Safety

Here are some safety steps for starting your fall electrical checklist:

  • Ensure that all light switches and outlets work properly.
  • Ensure that electrical appliances are clean, the cords aren’t frayed or damaged, and that they are properly ventilated.
  • Make sure all outlets are equipped with GFCIs and AFCIs (if warranted).
  • Make sure that all of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order and have fresh batteries.
  • Make sure all of your extension cords are only being used temporarily and are undamaged as well as UL-rated.
  • Verify that your electrical panel is properly labeled and that no circuit breakers are being tripped.
  • If you find any electrical problems, make sure your home is electrically safe by getting a professional opinion.

Avert Electrical Tragedies

Annually, statistics show that there are hundreds of tragic untimely deaths, thousands of serious injuries, and billions of dollars worth of property damage in this country that are the direct result of a simple lack of electrical safety knowledge. Don’t be a statistic.

Be Ready for the Cold

Snowfall in Boise, ID generally averages approximately 20 inches annually. However, it can vary quite a bit from just a few inches up to 30 or 40 inches. You want to be ready for it by checking all the electrical systems in your home and calling in a professional from Sublime Electric for extra help if needed. Getting this done before (not after) it gets cold outside is your best bet for keeping your home safe and comfy for the winter months.

Why You Should Contact Us Today

Even after you’ve completed your fall electrical checklist, you could have questions about your home’s electrical system. No question is too trivial or too major for us to answer for you. And, our highly trained Sublime Electric team in Boise consists of only licensed electricians. Besides general electrical services, we provide generators, EV chargers, lighting services, surge protection, and new construction electrical services.

Contact us today so that we can answer any questions you may have about your fall electrical checklist. You can also schedule electrical services. We’re ready to take your call.

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