Keep the Power Flowing From a Generator With These Tips

In the summer, it can be nice to escape the heat and relax indoors, but power outages can sometimes interfere with those plans. That’s where a generator can step in. To make sure that your generator is ready to help you this summer, follow these tips.

Use Fresh Oil and Gasoline

If you used your generator a lot last year, chances are it needs some fresh oil. Some generator manufacturers recommend that you change the oil after every 50 or 100 hours of use. Follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual so that you won’t put your generator in danger. Oil can get dirty and thick over time, and this can make it harder to lubricate the internal components of your generator, which is one of the primary purposes of engine oil.

Likewise, a generator needs fresh gas. If you use old gas, there could be blockages in your system due to deposits that have developed in the fuel. To avoid this situation, you can have your tank drained of any remaining gas before the summer season begins and stock up on new gas. Be sure to store your new gasoline in a proper container that’s kept in a cool, dark place.

Check the Spark Plug(s)

Your generator may have one or two spark plugs, depending on its size. No matter how many you have, keep in mind that spark plugs can wear down over time. A damaged spark plug can cause problems when starting the generator, and even if you get the system going, you might notice inefficiencies and misfires. Again, your owner’s manual should tell you how often you should change your spark plug(s). Many systems need new spark plugs after about 100 hours of use.

Pay Attention to Output Rating

Remember that your generator is not unlimited in its powers. It may fail if you overload your system by turning on multiple appliances at once. Washing machines, dishwashers, and air conditioners all use so much electricity, so be thoughtful about when you’re using various systems. Spread usage out over the course of a day if you can’t get by without using your appliances.

Get It Looked at By a Professional

Perhaps the most important thing to do is to have your generator checked out by a professional. Someone with experience and skills can thoroughly evaluate your system and address any potential issues. For example, a filter may need to get replaced, or an electrical connection may need to be tightened.

Get Ready for the Summer

So that you’re prepared for a power outage this summer, make it a priority to get your generator professionally maintained. In addition, be mindful about how much you use it and whether it has fresh gas, fresh oil, and new spark plugs. Call Sublime Electric for any kind of generator service in Boise, ID.

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