Why Is My Electric Bill So High?

Most Sublime Electric homeowners have a relatively good idea of what they spend on electricity each month. But from time to time, many consumers realize that the bill has gone up a few dollars each month for as long as they can remember. And suddenly, they are paying much more than they once were and wondering what is causing this constant increase in their electric bill. In most cases, the increase is not one thing, but a combination of many minor issues that combine to waste energy and your money each month. However, when you know the culprits, you can begin to dial back the amount of your electric bill by eliminating waste and making a few more economical choices.

Phantom Energy Consumption

Most homeowners have dozens of small appliances plugged in all the time. In addition, there could be a dozen device chargers plugged into outlets with nothing at all being charged. Then there are the electronic devices that have remotes or displays that are always lit. All of these items are stealing just a tiny amount of electricity every minute of every day and night. Over the course of a month, all those sips of electricity add up to be a hefty gulp that is wasting your hard-earned money.

Unplug chargers as soon as the device is fully charged. Unplug those small kitchen appliances, hairdryers, and electric razors when they are not in use. And unplug devices in spare rooms that never get much use. All of these actions will save electricity and money. If you don’t have easy access behind a television or entertainment center, plug all the electronics into a power strip and turn it off when the entertainment items are not in use.

Lighten The Load From Light Bulbs

You don’t think about how many lights you have in your home. But when you start counting the bulbs, the number will be shocking. Convert those dozens of incandescent light bulbs to comparable LED bulbs to decrease the overall energy consumption to light your home by an astounding 80%. In addition, you will save more money on replacements, as LED lights last about 25 times as long as standard light bulbs.

Make The Most Of Modern Conveniences

Dishwashers and washing machines are two of the most appreciated and used appliances in most homes. But you should be mindful of how you are using them. These helpful appliances consume a decent amount of energy per cycle, so be sure that you only run them when they are fully loaded. When washing clothing and linens, opt for cold water and cold water detergent to get optimal cleaning with less damage to fabrics and no expense to heat the water. When using the dishwasher, be sure to turn off the heated dry cycle to reduce the electricity used per cycle significantly. Just open the door and let the dishes air dry.

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