Top 5 Signs Of Bad Residential Electrical Wiring

It shocks most residents of Boise to learn that half of the homes in the country are over 40 years old. Unless you live in a newer community, it is essential that you understand the limitations of older household wiring and electrical systems. Not only could you be increasing the risk of damage to your expensive electronic devices and appliances, but you could be risking the safety of your loved ones and home. Knowing the common signs of bad wiring will alert you to any hazards that a licensed electrical professional needs immediately to address.

Frequently Tripping Breakers

A breaker can trip once in a while simply due to a power surge or fluctuation in the voltage. However, when tripping breakers are a regular occurrence, there is a problem. These safety devices are meant to stop the flow of electricity when there is a problem. So constantly resetting a breaker ignores the warning that you need to schedule an electrical inspection before someone is injured or an electrical fire in your home.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are a clear sign of a fluctuation in the voltage of the power in your home or other problem with the flow of power. The problem could be related to the electrical panel, breaker, or old wiring. The only way to know and prevent an accident or fire is to have a licensed electrician evaluate your home’s electrical system and provide you with a list of any upgrades or repairs that are needed.

Hot Electrical Outlets

If an electrical outlet in your home feels warm to the touch, is scorched, or darkened, there is a significant issue and safety hazard. Faulty wiring often leads to too much electricity arriving at an outlet. That excess power creates heat that can damage the outlet or cause a fire. The excess electricity could potentially damage any item plugged into the outlet, injure someone using the outlet, or start a fire when the outlet or insulation in the wiring melts and begins to smolder.

Damaged Wiring

You rarely see much of the electrical wiring in your home as it is concealed inside the walls and floors. However, if you notice any exposed wiring or wires in an outlet or electrical box are frayed or chewed, it is time to call in a pro. The exposed wiring can lead to a severe electrical shock or start a fire if it comes into contact with a combustible material like wood or other materials used to build your home.

A Faint Smoky Odor

Call for emergency electrical service if you notice a slight odor that smells like smoke or burnt toast. That odor is an indication that there has already been a small electrical fire in your home. Old wiring, a loose electrical connection, or a damaged outlet could be the culprit. It needs immediate attention to avoid further damage.

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